A Home Again


by Michelle Washington photography by Nate Kinnison Years of commercial use had hidden the interior finery of this nearly 200-year-old grande dame. Layers of drop ceiling and ductwork, industrial-grade stairs, and fires, floods and asphalt obscured, or destroyed, the craftsmanship of the fine Greek revival manor. One family believed that her beauty remained more than a … [Read more...]

Gardening Tools


But working with the rhythms of the garden might sweeten time’s passage. Dig in: Paperwhite bulbs, $1.19 each; bulb planter, $5.99; and Laura Ashley’s pigskin and cotton gloves, $16.99, all at Anderson’s. Tools in basket by Gardenwind, $24.99, at Garden Gazebo. At McDonald Garden Center:  Tula’s Somerset hat with black bow, $49.50; serrated trowel by Pinebush, $12.99, and herb … [Read more...]



  by Lorraine Eaton  photography by Keith Lanpher So much can go wrong in the belly of a restaurant – the dishwasher goes AWOL midshift, the fridge goes kaput, the wait staff plots an insurrection against the line cooks. Customers rarely sense the dark dramas within. But if the oven checks out, there’s no faking it. Bakers and cooks so rely on their ovens that over … [Read more...]

Play Dress-up

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Welcomed into the fold, with a new take on the world. The impending birth of a niece led Meghan Wilkens to craft ocean charts into a dress for the baby’s wall – a touchstone of her identity in an extended Navy family. Wilkens, herself an officer based in Norfolk, folds maps and other ephemera, new and old, letting the paper itself guide her. She uses no patterns or ruler; … [Read more...]

Small Spaces

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Making a smaller space work takes vision and willpower. We looked at three spaces – all 1,200 square feet or smaller – and found three very different takes on space, light, volume and the magic touch of reclaiming the old to bring in the new. Here are those three wonderful and artistic homes, and the owners who made them work gracefully. by DIANNA CAHN photography by ERIC … [Read more...]