by Denise M. Watson    photography by Keith Lanpher David Edelen knew he was taking a risk when he and a business partner reopened Eurasia in 2007; the restaurant had closed only a few months earlier. Electing to keep the same name, at the same location, he knew could be confusing. Former patrons might assume the once-popular spot was being resurrected with the same … [Read more...]

Chef David Everett’s Empire


by Michelle Washington  photography by Todd Wright Every morning, Chef David Everett swings by one of his restaurants to pick up a box of magic ingredients, tricks from his kitchens that make a home-cooked breakfast sing: fresh bread, slow-simmered stock, house-cured meats, the freshest produce. He cooks for guests at the Colonial Capital Bed & Breakfast, the newest … [Read more...]

Chartreuse Bistro


Two minds, one outlook: Couple marry spontaneity and exquisite care with local and organic at their European-style bistro  by JANINE LATUS    photography by KEITH LANPHER Christopher Corrie uses needle-nose tweezers to position quarter-inch cubes of roasted beet on tonight’s terrine, a pate-like meatloaf of ground pork, bacon, eggs, cream, onions, herbs and brandy. At least … [Read more...]

Creamy & Crisp


by Jim Raper photo by Roberto Westbrook Restaurateur Sydney Meers may be known for his eclectic cooking, but he’s from Mississippi and you can expect him to have the old standby of shrimp and grits on his menu. Meers’ rendition, of course, is anything but ordinary. He’s an accomplished naïve painter and poet who also cures his own meats, including whole country hams. You … [Read more...]

Alkaline Ramen


 Animal, vegetable, mineral: Kevin Ordonez melds them in ways that keep Alkaline packed. (Try the tater tots.) by Janine Latus photography by Todd Wright Kevin Ordonez knows noodles. He knows broth and bones and aromatics, and how to cook pig feet at a ripping boil for days, until the calcium and marrow break down to create the milky white stock that is the base for his … [Read more...]