Edwards Ham


From the spark of an idea, the Edwards family has built a legacy of taste. by Janine Latus photography by Adam Ewing      SURRY – Sam Wallace Edwards III pulls open the doors and thick gray smoke smelling of hickory and ham rolls out like a fog. His father built this business, and his grandfather before him, and Sam has known since he was a boy how to stick an ice pick into … [Read more...]

Circa 1918


  by Denise M. Watson photography by Adam Ewing Serendipity probably has been the ingredient most essential to Chad Martin’s success.  Well, the high-energy drive that took him from waiting tables to becoming one of the most lauded chefs in Eastern Virginia added something. A curiosity for learning certainly spiced up his repertoire during his dozen years … [Read more...]

Shore Dinner


Hosting a dinner party is the perfect intersection of creativity and faith. You pull into existence a menu of that which is fresh, that which is pleasing to all the senses. And as you bring together flavors, so too you gather people, and know that fellowship will follow. On this gorgeous evening, 10 lovers of food communed at Mimosa Farm on the Eastern Shore, where they feasted … [Read more...]

Old Style Markets


  by Janine Latus photography by Todd Wright Food is nourishment. It is art and community. It is that which gathers friends and family and strangers around this need that is also a want, this necessity that is also a luxury. The steaming bread, the cut of meat, the pile of produce, each has its own story, its provenance, its bakery or butchery or patch of soil. Norfolk … [Read more...]

Science of Oysters


by Diane Tennant photography by Eric Lusher The art of appreciating oysters begins with a plateful of half-shells. To make the most of your experience, be sure the plate includes oysters of many different types, from many different regions. But don’t start slurping yet. Before you taste, some introductions should be made. Art, meet science. And now let science introduce you … [Read more...]