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Tim Seibles

by Mike Hixenbaugh photography by Rich-Joseph Facun Suppose nobody knows what’s inside you. But you, yourself, find it pretty clear ... – from Mosaic, by Tim Seibles        He … Continue Reading


Jimmy Choo Stilettos

  Demure is not the point when Jimmy Choo is around. His Italian-made nappa leather Tia confers a high profile, even before its Swarovski crystals are placed (by hand). $3,250. Available … Continue Reading


Hostess Gift Guide

  The perfect hostess: She always throws the party you keep talking about, she wears the perfect shade of lipstick, she has a wardrobe to envy. What hostess gifts could possibly delight her? … Continue Reading


Circa 1918

  by Denise M. Watson photography by Adam Ewing Serendipity probably has been the ingredient most essential to Chad Martin’s success.  Well, the high-energy drive that took him … Continue Reading


Michael Pietsch

He’s edited literary heavyweights and heads a major publishing group. And it was in Norfolk that Michael Pietsch became smitten with great writers. by Michael Pietsch photography by Rich-Joseph … Continue Reading



  by Lorraine Eaton  photography by Keith Lanpher So much can go wrong in the belly of a restaurant – the dishwasher goes AWOL midshift, the fridge goes kaput, the wait staff plots an … Continue Reading



Shrimp ‘N’ Grits

Wallace Edwards, above right with Mr. Appel and Mr. Huber, started making sausage in the ’40s. Today, grandson Sam describes it: “Same recipe that PopPop used. Sage, black pepper, red pepper, salt and sugar.” from EDWARDS of surry, VIRGINIA  |  photograph by Amanda Lucier   Serves … Continue Reading


Whole Grain Loaf

recipe by Jonathan Highfield photography by Keith Lanpher Whole Grain Bakehouse Loaf Yield: 2 small loaves This is one of the signature breads at The Bakehouse at Chelsea, made from starter and, for home bakers, baked one loaf at a time in a Dutch oven. The flavor is a bit tangy, the crumb … Continue Reading